The Greenhill Action Group was originally formed in 1992 by a group of local residents opposed to a proposal to build a 'Dales Village' on the open green fields bounded by Sty Lane, Micklethwaite Lane, the canal, Oakwood estate, Fairfax and Falcon Road areas of Bingley. This was defeated.

Bradford Council subsequently drew up a land use plan (Unitary Development Plan - UDP) for the whole of the Bradford area, which allocated this land to housing. This was again fought by the Greenhill Action Group, who succeeded in getting the land withdrawn by the Council. This was overturned at the Public Enquiry by the Inspector, who said that development could go ahead once the Bingley Relief Road was built.

Bradford Council are now doing a review of the UDP (a legal requirement). The first revision was issued in mid-2001, with the Greenhill site again zoned for housing although it was scheduled for release in 2008 because the Government now requires previously developed land to be used first. The site is described as having 'access constraints' - to access the lower part of the site a permanent bridge will be built over the canal, which will mean a canal diversion.

To see the entry in Bradford's UDP you can view the RUDP report in our Downloads section.

This 40 acre site was originally suggested as accommodating up to 900 houses (although subsequent planning applications have reduced this to 440 houses). The impact on local roads, especially Micklethwaite Lane, Oakwood Drive, Falcon & Fairfax Roads and Beck Lane, and on services such as schools & health services, is all too painfully obvious.


  • Pre-2009: The proposal attracted 600 objections, the largest number for any site in the UDP, but the Council have issued a second revised plan with the site still allocated to housing.

  • 2009 application: The developers (Redrow and Bellway) produced a new application in 2009 which was rejected by the Planning Authority for lack of information. 

  • 2010 application: In March 2010 the developers produced another application for 475 houses and the Planning Authority again requested additional information and an increase in the density to 600 houses which Redrow disagreed with and they asked that this be held in abeyance 

  • 2011 application: In March 2011 they produced yet another application. This application, now for 440 houses, was taken to Shipley Planning Panel with a recommendation for approval but the Panel REJECTED the application by an overwhelming 6 votes against and only 1 for. 

  • 2014 application: Application reference 14 00293 MAO. This application was submitted in January 2014 and is a similar application to the 2011 one. This application contained 240 documents (3,579 pages in total). In addition to objection petitions, the public has 1,333 objection letters logged on the Councils planning website. COUNCIL WEBSITE: Bradford’s planning panel approved this application at a controversial hearing on 19th June 2015 but this decision was “called-in” by the Secretary of State due to the controversy and an apparent bias of the panel. A Public Enquiry was held at Bradford Town Hall in October 2015. The Secretary of State announced his decision to approve this application on 16th September 2016.

GAG is non-political and is solely opposed to development on a green field site which is the only green lung for residents in the Bingley / Crossflatts area.