The second application 11/00713/SCO

This is a scoping opinion request and was received on 16th February 2011. Essentially this means they have asked the council what information they require to be submitted with the new application (e.g. bridge details?). We are advised that the community can make representations to the LPA in the usual way recommending what information should be requested. This is for the construction of some 400 houses, new swing bridge, access points and internal road network at Sty Lane and Micklethwaite Lane, Bingley. When a new application is submitted it will be allocated a new reference number and no objections/representations from either of these two applications will be able to be automatically carried over to the final application. This application can be found on the Council's web site at deadline for objections was 25th March 2011.

The first application 10/00961/MAO

This was raised on 1st July 2010. The Council wrote to the Developers an 11 page letter which they say "seeks additional information and/or clarification concerning the submitted scheme". However the letter goes much further and includes a strong suggestion by the Council that the Developers provide vehicle access via Oakwood Drive. A 102 page response was received from the developers on 15th September. The Local Planning Authority (LPA) advised on 22nd December 2010 that the application is being held in abeyance at the moment. This essentially means that it is held in temporary inactivity/suspension from determination. The applicants (Redrow/Bellway) have now appointed a new design team and in accordance with the Council's usual practices the LPA are currently in discussions with the new design team/applicants over a range of issues.

GAG met with the Developers on 9th December 2010 at their request. They have appointed new architects and intend to produce a new application. They are taking up the Council's suggestion of entering the site via Oakwood Drive and have advised GAG that if this is approved they would seek to commence the development of the site by means of Oakwood Drive (including construction traffic). We have advised Redrow that GAG will not work with them to produce a Development Brief for the new application as it is not in the community's interests as the vast majority do not want this development to proceed. 
You should note that a new application will result in all our existing objections being lost with the old application and we/you will need to start again!!

We understand that Redrow/Bellway are to continue with this original application whilst progressing the new application.

Where does GAG stand?

GAG is totally opposed to any building of houses on this site and will undertake anything necessary to convince the Planning Authority that Greenhill should not be developed. To do that, we need to pay for experts - we need traffic, ecological, archaeological, drainage and other consultants, as well as a planning expert to advise us on each step of the way.

Current applications for this 40 acre site is that it should accommodate up to 440 houses, and the impact on local roads, especially Micklethwaite Lane, Sty Lane, Oakwood Drive, Falcon & Fairfax Roads and Beck Lane, and on surrounding areas e.g. Micklethwaite, East Morton, Crossflatts, Eldwick and Gilstead is massive. There will also be huge impact on services such as schools & health services, which is all too painfully obvious. The public inquiry in 2003 attracted 600 objections, the largest number for any site in the UDP, and the Council have beginning the process of the Local Developement Framework (LDF) where they will no doubt continue to include this site.

GAG were approached by the applicants in 2010 and requested to partake in a Working Party to progress development of the site. We decided that it would be against the ideals and constitution of GAG and not in the interests of the community for GAG to work alongside the applicants to assist in producing a Development Brief for the introduction of their application.

GAG is non-political and is solely opposed to development on a green field site which is the only green lung for residents in the Bingley / Crossflatts area. We raised funds to fight the applications which were submitted in 2010 and 2011 and the Public Inquiry of 2012, in all of which we were successful. There is to be a new application in 2013 whihc we will fight and additional funds will be required. You can donate monies to us using our PayPal link on the home page. Thank you for your support.