June 2019

Outline planning consent for 420-440 houses was granted in September 2016 by the then Secretary of State, Sajiv Javid. At the same time, full planning permission was granted for the replacement of the current swing-bridge at Micklethwaite Lane with a new, two-lane swing bridge.

Although in the period since September 2016 the Greenhill site was put up for sale by the developers (Redrow/Bellway) GAG is not aware of the site having changed ownership.

In order to preserve the full planning permission that was granted for the new swing bridge a number of Conditions (included in the Inspector's Public Inquiry report of 2016) need to be discharged and on 6th June 2019 the developers submitted a number of documents to BDMC Planning Department relating to the replacement swing bridge at Micklethwaite Lane.

On 20th June 2019, a leaflet from the developers was received by a number of residents who live around the edges of the Greenhill site, inviting comments on the proposed outline development plan, prior to an application for full planning permission being submitted. The deadline for comments to be received is Friday 28th June 2019. Even if a leaflet was not received, residents living in the area of the proposed development can still leave comments online for the developers by visiting their website www.stylane.co.uk